zeb develops simulation and stress-test models for large banks using Powersim Studio

zeb develops simulation and stress-test models for large banks using Powersim Studio In the banking industry, simulation and stress test models are required from a managerial perspective as well as from a regulatory perspective. To provide high-quality scenarios and estimates, a holistic bank model needs to be defined based on various value and risk drivers […]

Workshops at South Africa System Dynamics Conference

In a virtual conference hosted by the South Africa System Dynamics Chapter, Len Malczynski, from Mindseye Computing, will conduct a workshop and a seminar related to Powersim Studio. The conference takes place from 16th   to 18th Nov 2022.  The South Africa System Dynamics Chapter (SASDC) is hosting a virtual 10th annual South African System Dynamics […]

Powersim Equilizer; save energy & costs

From July 1st 2022, in Norway, all private households will start using “Grid rent by effect”. This means that the previously fixed monthly payment for the power lines into your house, from this date on will be invoiced using different tariffs, based on the highest effect you consume during each month. We have made a […]

Studio workshop at this year’s System Dynamics conference

Workshops at the 2022 International Conference of the System Dynamics Society in Frankfurt, Germany July 18-22. Len Malczynski from Mindseye Computing, will on Tuesday, July 12 conduct 2 workshops at the System Dynamics conference. The workshops are virtual events and you may register for the conference here. 14:00 Starting from scratch: Better model construction 16:00 […]

Presenting at seminar at Nordhordland emergency services

Norsk tekst We were recently invited to hold a presentation at a seminar at Nordhordland emergency services.   The participants were given a sample of how forecasting can be used to: study the patient flow through the emergency room starting with all emergency call data.  evaluate how well current staffing meets the governmental functional requirements for […]

Supersprint 6 together with Aker BP

The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of the 6th Supersprint (SS#6) along with Aker BP. Phase 2 of SS#6 includes cutting-edge improvements for the end user, such as the possibility to limit production based on lack of injection. Phase 2 of SS#6 includes many improvements for the end user, and some major updates to the dynamics behind pForecast. pForecast has always had the option to limit injection based on actual […]

Online seminar on October 20 th.

You are welcome to attend this upcoming online seminar on October 20 th. at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT This seminar will be an introduction to modelling regarding a quantitative model of the classic apartment vacancy/build cycle. Mr Len Malczynski from MindsEye Computing will conduct the seminar, which is held by the System Dynamics Society. Due to sponsorship by Powersim Software, this seminar will be open to the public and free of charge. Register To build the model demonstrated during this hands-on seminar, you are […]

Cardiff University utilise Powersim Studio in dynamic ecology models

Utilizing our Powersim Studio tool and System Dynamics modelling, Dr. Aditee Mitra of Cardiff University teaches the next generation of marine scientists about the mixotrophic plankton that rule the waves. Powersim Studio modeling of Dynamic Ecology. MixITiN is a project that is training the next generation of marine scientists to work on the mixoplankton paradigm, where mixotrophic plankton rule the waves. Dr. Aditee […]

Corona model for municipalities

A Covid-19 model that focus on the spread of virus within a local community. Since the outbreak of corona virus reached Norway, we saw the need for a simulation model that could support local municipalities with possible planning scenarios.  The model is currently only available in Norwegian language.  More information about the model is available below.  […]