Supersprint 6 together with Aker BP

The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of the 6th Supersprint (SS#6) along with Aker BP. Phase 2 of SS#6 includes cutting-edge improvements for the end user, such as the possibility to limit production based on lack of injection. The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of SS#6 with Aker BP.   Phase 2 of SS#6 includes many improvements for the end user, and some major updates to the dynamics behind pForecast. pForecast has always had the […]

Cardiff University utilise Powersim Studio in dynamic ecology models

Utilizing our Powersim Studio tool and System Dynamics modelling, Dr. Aditee Mitra of Cardiff University teaches the next generation of marine scientists about the mixotrophic plankton that rule the waves. Powersim Studio modeling of Dynamic Ecology. MixITiN is a project that is training the next generation of marine scientists to work on the mixoplankton paradigm, where mixotrophic plankton rule the waves. Dr. Aditee Mitra, a research […]