Demo Models

Below you will find a selection of demo models that utilizes the System Dynamics method and Powersim Studio tools extensively.

  • Gantt Navigator
  • Spread of sound waves in a map
  • Powersim Blink – Corona model

Gantt Navigator for construction projects

This demo model showcases the innovative Gantt Navigator method that has been designed for the simulation and management of construction projects. The Gantt Navigator method is similar to the well-known Gantt scheduling method which makes it easily applicable. The new method improves the planning approach, gives effective project control through what-if” simulation and Monte Carlo analysis for risk assessment in a user-friendly tool with immediate visualization of your findings.

Spread of sound waves in a map

This demo showcases an advanced simulation model that analyses the effectiveness of an emergency alert system in reaching all residents of a city. The model integrates a detailed analysis of terrain features, encompassing hills, slopes, buildings, and vegetation, to provide a comprehensive 360° sound profile. Consequently, it becomes feasible to assess the necessary decibel level for sound alerts and determine how the placement of a new siren can enhance the overall reach of the alert system.

Covid-19 model with foucs on spread of virus in local communities

Powersim Blink – Corona model

This demonstration model was developed for municipalities at the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. It incorporated population data specific to the municipality, information on epidemics sourced from national government agencies, and estimates regarding the number of individuals traveling into and out of the municipality to project the potential spread of the coronavirus.