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Supersprint 6 together with Aker BP

The pForecast team has finalized the second phase of the 6th Supersprint (SS#6) along with Aker BP. Phase 2 of SS#6 includes cutting-edge improvements for the end user, such as the possibility to limit production

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Employee - Product Manager - Shirin Safarzadeh

Introducing our new Product Manager

Introducing our new Product Manager We are proud to introduce our latest team member, Shirin Safarzadeh to join our high-performing team! We are very satisfied to welcome Shirin Safarzadeh as part of our team here in Bergen. She started her new position in Powersim Software as

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Online seminar on October 20 th.

Online seminar on October 20 th. You are welcome to attend this upcoming online seminar on October 20 th. at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT. This seminar will be an introduction to modelling regarding a quantitative model of

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