Celebrating 20 yrs Anniversary

Back on December 2nd of 2002, Powersim Software AS was established in Bergen, Norway, and this year we are immensely proud to celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Please join us when we revisit our history and take a trip down memory road. The Foundation Powersim Software is a technology company established based on the software tool […]

Contest – 20 years celebration continues!

To mark the 20th anniversary of Powersim Software, we invite you to participate in our informal contest, and if you answer correctly, you will be entered in the draw to win special edition prizes! The contest will run until 31.12.2022. Related news: Powersim Software AS celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a 20% discount 

Powersim Software AS celebrates its 20th Anniversary​

Back on December 2nd. of 2002, Powersim Software AS was established in Bergen, Norway. During the last 20 years, we have developed Powersim Studio into excellency as well as worked on numerous projects together with our many customers, both in Norway and worldwide. During the last decade, we have developed the pForecast flagship, an application for Oil & Gas. ​ We want to reach out and thank all our previous and […]