Back on December 2nd. of 2002, Powersim Software AS was established in Bergen, Norway. During the last 20 years, we have developed Powersim Studio into excellency as well as worked on numerous projects together with our many customers, both in Norway and worldwide. During the last decade, we have developed the pForecast flagship, an application for Oil & Gas. ​

We want to reach out and thank all our previous and current Powersim Studio customers for their continued enthusiasm and support.​

During the next 2 months, we will be celebrating this joyous occasion with a special offer, specifically with the set value of a 20% discount on the overall Powersim Studio portfolio.​

You may apply the campaign to purchase new licenses, upgrade your existing licenses and add a Support Agreement (SA*). Use the following Discount code: ‘20 yr Jubilee’!​

The campaign applies to the following Business products​

The campaign also applies to upgrade from Powersim Studio 8 and Studio 9. Ask us for a quote.

* SA is mandatory for the first 12 months when purchasing new licenses of a Business product, and you may furthermore opt-out for several years (2-5 yrs) using this Jubilee campaign.​

The campaign applies to the following Academic products​

This campaign is valid from 1st of November through 31st of December 2022.​