System Dynamics conference visits Bergen

The 2024 International System Dynamics Conference We are excited to attend this year’s conference in Powersim Software’s hometown. The International System Dynamics Conference stands as a beacon for professionals and researchers from diverse backgrounds, converging to explore innovative methodologies, applications, and insights within the Systems Dynamics domain. Scheduled for August 4th through 8th, 2024, the […]

New release of pForecast – Well dependencies

New release of pForecast – Well dependencies The latest update to pForecast introduces Well Dependencies, a feature designed to enhance the realism and accuracy of production forecasting. This feature allows users to interconnect the production schedules of multiple wells. Thereby, this will better reflect the actual operational shifts that occur in the field. Traditionally, production […]

New release of pForecast – connecting to a customer database

Our latest release of pForecast brings exciting new features with a focus on enhancing the user experience and efficiency when importing production history to pForecast. Here’s a summary of the key updates:  Production Data Mart (PDM) Integration:  We are particularly proud to announce the support for import of production history from Production Data Mart (PDM) […]

Powersim Software attended the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference

On behalf of Powersim Software, we would like to extend our gratitude to the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference, it was truly a privilege to participate. The conference provided an invaluable platform for industry professionals to convene, exchange insights, and mingle with other participants in the oil and gas sector. We were particularly impressed by the […]

Powersim Software will attend the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference

Norway’s only event dedicated to addressing well, drilling, completion, and reservoir management issues. The forthcoming SPE Conference in Bergen, scheduled for next week and hosted by Equinor, provides a pivotal platform for industry professionals to convene. Powersim Software will participate and are ready to meet and engage with oil and gas experts to discern their […]

Another operator is evaluating our pForecast application.

A new operator is now in the process of evaluating the pForecast application. With the growing interest surrounding pForecast, we invite you to join the ranks of operators exploring its potential. Take advantage of the opportunity to test the application for free, without any commitments. On the Norwegian continental shelf, pForecast by Powersim Software stands […]

Powersim Software renews Society Sponsorship

Powersim Software renews their Society Sponsorship for the System Dynamics Society With decades of experience in developing powerful simulation software, Powersim has consistently been at the forefront of empowering organizations across various industries to make informed decisions through dynamic modeling. Whether it’s production profiles in the Oil & Gas industry, enhancing public policy decision-making, or […]

A new operator is evaluating the pForecast application

As the interest in pForecast continues to grow, we extend an invitation for you to be the next operator to evaluate its potential. Enjoy the free option to test the application, all without any further obligations. On the  Norwegian continental shelf, pForecast by Powersim Software stands out as a groundbreaking application, receiving increased attention from […]

New pForecast feature; Well Intervention

With the latest release of pForecast, back in December 2023, we introduced a new feature regarding well intervention. This feature allows you to set up a well intervention schedule to quickly analyse how the intervention will influence your current forecast while still considering constraints and uncertainties for the forecast. Compare different scenarios, to get instant […]

Simplifying the cloud journey for Powersim

Powersim Software has emerged as a game-changer in the energy industry landscape, offering a suite of business tools for forecasting and analysing complex dynamic challenges. In 2022, Arribatec entered a partnership with Powersim Software with a mission to fully utilise the automation and flexibility benefits of the cloud. Their products, pForecast and Powersim Studio have […]