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Powersim Software has developed a scenario planning simulation for Songa Offshore within Human Resources. The simulation was set up to run scenarios on how to build competence in an efficient way for offshore personnel.

One challenge for Songa Offshore when they contracted four new Cat-D rigs, was related to training and competence assurance. Since the rigs would arrive on quarterly basis, the large number personnel needed to be acquainted with new equipment and acquire high level of training within a relatively short time.

The simulation allows management to add different training strategies from handover of the rig until it was ready for operation. The strategies was discussed by the Songa management group, always keeping the input values up-to-date in regards to project progress and actual ramp-up of employment. The results from the simulation was used in monthly reports and re-evaluation of the current strategy.


 “The simulation gave a good overview of the complexity for training large numbers of personnel during such a short period. We gained insight in, and build confidence of the S-curve shown in the model, as well as getting the ability to try many of the suggested strategies in order to overcome all these challenges.”

Anne Gro Gabrielsen, Competence Manager, Songa Offshore


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This project was developed by consultants in Powersim using Powersim Studio Premium. The model is integrated with Microsoft Excel to collect information of planned and actual ramp-up for personnel and planned and actual volume of training. In Songa Offshore, the client uses Powersim Studio Executive to run the simulation and create the reports.


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Scenario & strategy simulation Extensive use of Arrays Action buttons to create tailored report Connection to MS Excelbases Studio Premium & Executive


About Songa Offshore:

Songa Offshore is an International Midwater Drilling Contractor with a strong presence in the harsh environment North Atlantic basin. Songa Offshore prides itself on working in the most challenging environments and under the most stringent regulatory regimes. It embraced this challenge from the outset to encourage the organization to develop and maintain the highest quality management system possible, and to ensure the company standard would qualify it to work in any region of the world.

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