Business simulation


Business Simulation with Powersim Studio enables you to

  • Create simulation models that reflect your challenges
  • Save cost by avoiding trial and error 
  • Arrive at more reliable answers
  • Spend less time reaching your conclusions

Investigate Risk Factors

  • Bring real risks to the surface with Risk Analysis, gaining new insights into challenges. 
  • Investigate to what degree each risk factor influences your business results, broadening the understanding for that risk factor.
  • Add numerous risk factors to get the full picture of the risk analysis and a more realistic outcome from the simulation results.

Run simulation to test scenarios

  • Run What-if Scenarios to analyze how changes in behaviour over time affect your business.
  • Test decisions and strategies before they are implemented to discover problems before they actually occur.
  • Get an advantage over your competitors by using simulation in tactical and strategic decision support.

Optimize to reach your target KPIs

  • Use business simulations to establish a common understanding for communicated values and their behaviour. 
  • Use Optimization to build knowledge, not only about decisions and strategies, but also about whether your target KPIs can achieve the value you expected.
  • Use Optimization to specifiy one or more target variables, and let Powersim Studio determine how close you are from reaching these targets.

Recommended next steps 

If you want hands-on experience with model building:

  1. Download our trial version StudioDemo, which is an evaluation copy of Studio Enterprise, one of our top-notch editions including both Risk Analysis, What-if Scenarios and Optimization.
  2. Attend a workshop conducted by a Powersim consultant to ease your learning curve.


 Or team up with Powersim-experienced staff to build your simulation project:

  1. Share a few keywords with our consultants about a specific challenge you want solved.
  2. Our experienced staff will be able to recommend a pilot project that uncovers the implications of a full project.
  3. Choose the level of assistance you prefer and get support throughout the project to make it your own.


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