Employee - Product Manager - Shirin Safarzadeh

We are proud to introduce our latest team member, Shirin Safarzadeh to join our high-performing team!

We are very satisfied to welcome Shirin Safarzadeh as part of our team here in Bergen. She started her new position in Powersim Software as Product Manager Forecasting in September of 2021. 

Her background in Petroleum Engineering will be vital for her position and we trust she will play an important role in putting the pForecast solution on the map. She will help us build the leading Software as a Service solution for industrial forecasting and scale the company in a global market. Also, with her experience in product development and analytical skills she will take an integral part of the technological transfer from Oil & Gas to more sustainable industries. 

With an educational background from Petroleum Engineering and holding a master’s degree in Reservoir Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), she will add vital competence to our team. Shirin has four years’ experience from various sectors. During the last two years she has been working within the Maritime sector as both Project Associate and Product Developer in a start-up, called Ocean Access. She has also worked as a Reservoir Engineer in National Iranian Oil Company for two years, where she was responsible for oil and gas fields development plans.