Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the incredible achievements of women around the world and recognize the progress we’ve made toward gender equality. Let’s continue to empower and support women in all aspects of life and work together to create a more inclusive and equitable world that benefits everyone.  Greetings from the Powersim Software Team  

Seminar on Investments and Big-tech trends

Thanks to Bergen Chamber of Commerce Industry and Tryg for hosting this breakfast seminar highlighting health-related investment trends from the USA and which health initiatives Big Tech focuses on now.  Very inspiring to listen to Dr Patricia Moore’s talk on the importance of design for the individual person (ENAVTI), but also impressive to learn how […]

How to model Capacity Upgrade in pForecast

A new video covering another corner case has been added to the section called Appendix A of the user manual. You normally need a shut-in period during the process of facility upgrading. Since the duration of the shut-in period is uncertain, the last day of the shut-in period is unclear and that can be challenging […]

Powersim Software becomes a member of Norwegian Energy Partners

We would like to share with you that we have become a member of Norwegian Energy Partners! We look forward to being part of the vision Norwegian Energy Partners have to strengthen the long-term value creation and employment in the Norwegian energy industries through focused international efforts, building on the collective competitiveness of our partner […]

What’s new in pForecast?

What’s new in pForecast? The modern and cloud-based architecture of pForecast enables continuous deployment of new features and unlimited scaling. In the February 2023 release, the performance of stochastic analyses and incremental profiles analyses are enhanced. The way pForecast handles drilling schedule has improved, now allowing for defining an unlimited number of drilling targets within […]

Winners of the quiz in relation to our 20th Anniversary

During December we celebrated our 20th Anniversary and invited you all to participate in an informal contest. Now we are happy to announce the winners of this informal contest! Congratulations to the winner of the 1st. prize:  Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd to 4th prizes:  The remainder of the winners will be contacted […]

How to model Slot Recovery in pForecast

We are proud to announce that we now have a new video covering extraordinary cases. We have added them to a new section called Appendix A.  In the case of modelling a side track, pForecast can automatically shut down the existing well when the drilling of the new wellbore starts. In this video, you will […]

Powersim Software becomes a member of GCE Ocean Technology

We are excited to share that we have now become a member of GCE Ocean Technology!   We look forward to being part of the large network of companies and organizations that operate within the ocean industries. Together we can work towards increased interaction and innovation with other partners and members.  We believe that we can […]