Introducing a new Reseller in the United States

Mindseye Computing is a consultant company based in Idaho Falls in the United States.


Mindseye Computing, LLC        

Mindseye is founded with a desire to help companies, both large and small, to develop projects and management systems that are resourceful, sustainable and resilient.  Our goal is to provide system dynamics training, consulting or partnerships on an as needed basis. 

Mindseye Computing offers the following services:

  • Consulting Services
  • System Dynamics Modeling
  • System Dynamics Training
  • Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis

Mindseye Computing is a new system dynamics consulting group in the United States. Mindseye is staffed by experienced researchers that have extensive knowledge in designing and building simple exploratory models to complex, highly detailed models using Powersim Studio. We can also help develop web-based simulations that can be served up to a select set of users or open to the public. 

We have proven backgrounds in modeling energy, water, hybrid energy, nuclear, economic and environmental systems.  We offer training to fit your needs, whether it is in-house or web-based, the training can be designed to your specific needs. 

Further information about Mindseye Computing can be found through their website.


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