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Analysis of marine incidents and policy implications: Case study of the South Korea

This article describes research conducted to support safety for the marine workforce in the marine industry in South Korea. The authors used a System Dynamics model to investigate the challenges and possible policy implications.

This article has been co-authored by Mr. Sangwon Park, Mr. Chang Hoon Kim and Mr. Minsoo Cheon giving a thorough description of how they have anchored their research on well-known theories on occurrences of incidents and accidents in the marine sector.  

Based on the availability of collected statistical data from the Korea Maritime Safety Tribunal, together with information from interviews with both safety quality teams and governmental officials, a System Dynamics model was developed in Powersim Studio to analyse the relationships between marine incidents and accidents and how applying policy implications can prevent fewer accidents from occurring in the future.  

The authors: 

Mr. Sangwon Park works at the Logistics and Maritime Industry Research Department, from the Korea Maritime Institute, Republic of Korea. 
Mr. Chang Hoon Kim works at the Center for Creative Convergence Education, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea. 
Mr. Minsoo Cheon works at the Port Research Department from the Korea Maritime Institute, Republic of Korea.