Key features of Studio 10 Expert

Below you will find the features we emphasize the most with Expert.

  1. It is easy to Compare Editions, find which tool suits you the best?
  2. A more detailed list of features is available in PDF format.
  3. See the Version History to find what has changed since the last release.


  • Placeholders lets you swap input for datasets and data functions
  • Test Scenario, Optimization, Risk Analysis & Risk Management
  • Password protection on several levels keeps your model confidential
  • Dynamic Ranges with up to 100 elements


  • Series Variable allow you to work with time series of values
  • Build models with array variables; 6 dimensions + time dimension
  • The maximum number of elements per variable is 500.000
  • Custom Functions


  • Use Action Buttons to add advanced user interface logic
  • Sidekick windows integrate other information with your model
  • Provide multi-lingual user interfaces to reach a larger audience


  • Connect to MS Excel through Spreadsheet Datasets
  • Connect to MS Excel through Excel functions
  • Connect to file databases through Database functions

Technical features

  • Memory for variable values is up to 2 GB for 64-bit version
  • Take advantage of 3 cores when doing multi-core processing
  • 64-bit version is said to run 10-15% faster than the 32-bit version


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