Read from Excel

Reading input values from an Excel File by using Drag'n Drop to create a variable defined by the XLDATA function. 

Read from Excel

This video includes a simple demonstration of how to use the Drag'n Drop method to create a new variable containing a link to data in Excel.
The created variable uses the XLDATA function.

Some facts:

  • XLDATA must be the only function defining a variable.
  • To assign a unit to the data from Excel, you must use the double "less than" and "greater than" just after the ending parenthesis of the function. 
  • Here is the syntax of the function:
  • XLDATA('Workb","Sheet","Cell(s)")<<Unit>>
  • If the Cell reference points to one single cell (like B2 etc.), this will be the upper left cell in case you assign dimension(s) to the variable. This “one cell reference” is the one you would normally use, but it is required if operating with dynamic ranges*.
  • If the Cell reference is a range of cells (like B2:D5 etc.), the dimensions will be assigned automatically, or the number of elements must match the defined ones.


See the Read from Excel video:



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