Getting started

with instructional videos

If watching in a noisy place, or if you don't have sound on your computer, you will still be able to understand most of the contents in the videos.

All videos on this page are streaming from YouTube. You can easily find them there by searching for "Powersim Software".

If you want to watch them all, you should view them in the order they are listed.

To get notified when new videos come, you may subscribe on the "powersimsoftware" channel in YouTube. To do that, you must create a free YouTube account.

We recommend using an iPad or similar, but for most of the videos, the resolution is low enough for mostof the Smart Phones currently on the market. Scan the QR code above for easy access. Click it to get back to the video page it is pointing to. On iPads the QR reader you use may be designed for iPhone screens. Do not press the 2x button. See picture below for guidance to open the link in Safari.

If not having a QR reader, you can easily find the "Getting Started" section by navigating from to "Business Simulation" on the top black menu, then choose "Getting Started" on the left side.

If using an iPad, you may get the situation below. Do not press the 2x button in case your QR reader shows a small browser. Use the Safari button.

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