Dynamic Ranges defined using input from Excel

You may use input from Excel to define a range in your model.

Define your model using Excel Range

This video refers to the last part of the Arrays video, about 8 and a half minute into the video, which covers how you can define a Dynamic Range from input coming from Excel. This can be very useful, and you may define the range from the same Excel sheet as where you read other data values from.

Using Excel Range is one of three ways for the end user to actually define the ranges in a model. The method described in this video will also work while using Presentation mode in Powersim Studio. 


See the Array video:



Download the model files.

The two other ways to define ranges are:

  1. Using a Database Range (DBRange) to read directly from a database
  2. Using Actions and thus create action buttons that will insert, remove or change/rename elements in a specific Dynamic Range. 

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