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Our consultant group runs training workshops, seeking to raise the level of expertise in dynamic simulation for our customers. Are you considering one of our workshops?

  • Update yourself on new features of Studio!
  • Learn how to deploy your simulations using Studio Developer Suite!
  • Does your group of modellers need to take its skills to the next level?
  • Learn how Studio can be used as an analytic tool in your projects!
  • Perhaps you need to develop a dynamic cockpit to assist your decision making?

Types of Studio workshops

  1. The Introductory Workshop covers the basic knowlegde on what dynamic simulaton is, how to use the Studio tool and enables the participants to get started with their own models.
  2. The Advanced Workshop starts where the Introductory Workshop ends. It covers most of the advanced functionality of Studio and enables the participants to take their modeling skills to the next level.
  3. The SDK Workshop provides participants with a deep knowledge about Studio SDK and all its possibilities. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to build their own server-based simulation applications. Two days to get introduced; three days to become expert.
  4. The In-house Workshop is suitable for participants who want to combine any of the workshops above with a half-day session that focuses on a simulation issue specific to the client. 

Request a quotation for a workshop

Sign Up for one of the workshops above using our web form:

  1. Choose your desired dates and the number of participants
  2. You will receive a non-binding quotation from us
  3. Once you confirm, workshop seats will be reserved
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