Collaboration Partner - Norkart AS

With our collaboration partner Norkart AS, Powersim Software AS has developed several simulation models in which GIS information adds a new dimension to risk and vulnerability analysis.


Powersim Software and Norkart are Collaboration Partners

The collaboration between Powersim Software and Norkart came about to provide a tool that combine GIS analysis with simulation back in 2006.

Stavanger city is the pioneer in this area to make use of simulation in their risk and vulnerability analysis.

Powersim Studio GIS consists of a Powersim Studio Executive license which is bundled with one or more of the following models:

The sea level model allows you to select a part of a Norwegian coast line and to study how an increase of sea level will affect that area.

The gas model allows you to see how an exposure to gas would spread with the wind and move in the topography of the location.


The rainfall model allows you to see how heavy rainfall may accumulate in the terrain creating potential for a landslide situation.

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Norkart AS is a market leader within geographical information in Norway and provides solutions for both communes and private sector.

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