Powersim Studio 10 Express

Express gives ability to build and run simulations with basic modeling featuers.

Feel free to download a version to practice yourself in the fine skill of building simulation models. You may share these models with other Studio users. The Express edition is will give you the ability to:

  • Build simulation models and run scenarios
  • Translate your models into multiple languages to share around the world
  • Use automatic unit control
  • Connect to Spreadsheet Datasets
  • Access a function library of more than 200 functions

Express has a few limitations, otherwise it is similar to Studio Professional.

These limitations are:

  • A model can have a maximum of 50 variables
  • An array variable can have a maximum of 1000 elements
  • The maxium amount of memory allowed for variable values is 80 KB
  • The maxium size of dynamic ranges is 20
  • Only one core utilized in multi-core processing during simulations
  • Only available in 32-bit version
  • The license will last for 6 months

NOTE: It is not possible to receive free Technical Support for this product, and SA is not offered for this product.

Powersim Studio Express is time limited, but you may download the software again after the 6 months expire. In this way you will always be using the most up-to-date version. Models made in Express will continue working after the licensing period is over.

If you want to test the complete set of functionality of our modeling tools, please evaluate our Studio Demo.

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