Powersim Studio 10 Simulation Engine

The Studio 10 Simulation Engine is a software that is used to distribute custom-made simulations or software applications made with the Studio 10 Software Development Kit (SDK).

End users must install one of the commercial (non-Developer) editions of the Studio 10 Simulation Engine product for the solution to work.



Feel free to Contact Us for a recommandation on which type of solution will be suitable for for your interface requirements or assistance with publishing your model to the Internet.


Studio 10 Simulation Engine Server

Studio Simulation Engine ServerStudio Simulation Engine Server allows the developer to install a license on one server computer to accompany a solution that is built to be accessed over the network or through the web. Each Server license can be installed on one server and used by a number of concurrent users given by the licenses agreement.

In the Server solution scenario, the model and the software needed to run it resides on a server computer, while the software for interacting with the model resides on client computers. One example is web-based solutions.


To distribute your server-based solution, you can let the client be responsible for the purchase and installation of the Studio Simulation Engine Server. Alternatively, you can purchase a copy of Studio Simulation Engine Server from Powersim Software and distribute it with the rest of your server software. When you order on behalf of your client, make sure that the licensed product is issued to the client’s company name.

Each license of Studio Simulation Engine Server can be installed on one server and can serve either 10, 25 or 50 concurrent users.

Additional Studio Simulation Engine Server licenses can be purchased individually or bundled with the Powersim Studio SDK.


Studio 10 Simulation Engine Workstation

Studio Simulation Engine DeveloperStudio Simulation Engine Workstation allows the developer to install one license on a client computer to support a desktop application created with the Powersim Studio SDK. This edition is a free software. In the Workstation solution scenario all the software needed to run the solution is located on the client's workstation.


As developer you have two options. You can let your clients be responsible for the download of the Simulation Engine Workstation product, just providing them the necessary information about how to download and install the product.

Download WorkstationAlternatively, you can download Powersim Studio Simulation Engine Workstation from Powersim Software and distribute this software with each copy of your workstation-targeted application.


Studio 10 Simulation Engine Developer

Studio Simulation Engine DeveloperWhen you installed your Studio SDK, a license of a developer edition of the Studio Simulation Engine was also installed on your computer. This Developer edition lets you freely develop and test both Workstation and Server solutions built in Studio SDK on your computer.

You can also install this developer edition on other computers (for example a server) for test purposes. Note that you are not entitled to use this edition for any other purpose than to test a developed SDK solution.

For all other purposes, a valid, commercial edition of the Studio Simulation Engine is needed, i.e. Studio Simulation Engine Server or Studio Simulation Engine Workstation. Even an in-house solution requires a commercial edition of the Studio Simulation Engine to be installed.


For each license of Studio SDK there is one license of Studio Simulation Engine Developer included. This license will be installed on the same computer as the Studio SDK license. It is not possible to use or purchase Studio Simulation Engine Developer as a stand-alone product.



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