Studio 10 Developer Suite

Powersim Studio 10 SDK

The Powersim Studio Software Development Kit (SDK) is a software library that can be used by programmers to include simulations in custom-designed software applications to be run in the Microsoft® Windows environment.

  • Develop simulations for the web.
  • Include simulations in Windows applications.
  • Create multi-user simulation games.
  • Create integrated desktop applications.

To utilize the Studio 10 SDK you must first build a simulation model with Studio 10 Premium.

Studio SDK is a Software Development Kit that let you create custom web-based or desktop interfaces for your Studio models. Studio SDK allows you to create your own sophisticated front-ends to be run with Studio Simulation Engine.

In Studio SDK there is an object model giving you access to the rich functionality of the Studio Simulation Engine. The object model is a set of COM (Component Object Model) interfaces, specially designed for ease-of-use and language-independence.

In a variety of development environments, like Visual Basic .NET, ASP. .NET, script engines, Microsoft Office, most C++ compilers, or alternatively development tools that support ActiveX controls, you can build tailored simulator interfaces in an intuitive and straight-forward way.

Through these interfaces you can open models, set and retrieve values, get information about variables, control single and multi-run simulations, specify reference data, and much more. Studio SDK also allows you to connect Studio models to any enterprise database, ensuring that your simulation results are always accurate and up-to-date.

You can purchase individual Studio SDK licenses as your development team increases.


Once you have finalized a solution, you need a license of Studio Simulation Engine to distribute the solution to others. If you have created a network-based or web-based solution, Studio Simulation Engine Server run-time needs to be installed on a server.



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