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Product upgradesKeep your license upgraded!

Powersim Software is committed to providing the leading software for business simulation, and puts a significant effort into product development.

Clients with Support Agreement (SA) will receive:

  • All Major Versions of their product at no extra cost
    • Each major release typically adds significant enhancements and new features to our products.
  • All Feature Packs at no extra cost
    • To shorten the wait for new features, we provide our users with Feature Packs releases.

Upgrade from previous versions

Take advantage of the latest features of Studio 10 by upgrading your version.

You may enter the SA programme once you have upgraded to Powersim Studio 10.

As long as you have a running SA subscription, you do not need to upgrade again.

Receive the following upgrade discounts when upgrading Powersim Studio:

  • 35% from Studio 10 licenses without SA*
 Upgrade to a Powersim Studio 10 product

This is available for licenses less than 3 years from last SA expiry date. Older editions of Powersim Studio/Powersim Constructor versions will not qualify for an upgrade discount. 

Cross upgrade between editions

Are you thinking of cross upgrading your Studio 10 product?

You may do so with no additional fees*.

To cross upgrade from a Studio 10 Professional to a Studio 10 Expert license;

  • Simply pay the price difference between the two products.
  • If your current SA is not expired, this amount is deducted from the new SA for the Expert.

Here is the list of possible cross upgrades:

  • Studio 10 Professional to Studio 10 Expert or Premium
  • Studio 10 Expert to Studio 10 Premium

*Before you can cross upgrade, you need to upgrade to the latest Studio 10 edtion.

Contact us if you need further information.

If you have an older version of Studio software, you will have to upgrade your license to Powersim Studio 9 when you enter a SA.

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