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View a simulation

The videos will give you a feel for what you can achieve by using Powersim Studio tools.

The simulation models are made using the Studio Premium tool. You may run these simulations using Studio Executive.

Powersim Sun Simulation

Renewable Energy: Simulation of solar power

The video gives you a brief tour of a simulation model that combines solar panels and battery technology. 

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Rainfall Simulation Video

The Rainfall model can be used to study the accumulation of water after heavy or long-lasting rainfall

The module combines simulation with data from a Geographical Information System (GIS) in Powersim Studio.

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Capacity Planning Model

This model allows you to budget for expected customer orders and define a production plan.

We have four customer segments and two types of products in the model, and illustrate how easy you can add more dimensions by using Dynamic Ranges.

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Gas Simulation Model

This simulation model is well suited for an emergency training situation

Imagine that a semi-trailer containing gas has collided in a round-about in Stavanger, a city of Norway. We can now study how the gas spreads depending on terrain, winds and buildings in the area.

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Download Flash Player To see more videos, you can also visit the Powersim YouTube channel directly.

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