Studio Compatible with Windows 8

Powersim Software announces that Powersim Studio 10 is Compatible with Windows 8.

Compatible with Windows 8

Powersim Software is proud to announce that Powersim Studio 10 is Compatible with Windows 8.

  • Download the latest Service Releases to update your Studio 10 software to be compatible with Windows 8.

“Compatible with Windows 8” applications have passed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs, and restarts you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 8 including 64 bit.

  • Is tested for compatibility and reliability on Windows 8.
  • Passed tests to minimize the possibility of crashes, hangs, and reboots.
  • Represents a commitment that the product will continue to work over the life of Windows 8.
  • Installs cleanly and reliably.
  • Eliminates unnecessary reboots.
  • Ensures compatibility with Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Powersim Studio 10 editions

The following Studio 10 editions are compatible with Windows 8:

  • Studio 10 Premium
  • Studio 10 Expert
  • Studio 10 Professional
  • Studio 10 Executive
  • Studio 10 Cockpit

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