Placeholders - connect with XLData function

Placeholders can also be used with Excel Spreadsheets!

New Feature Pack of Powersim Studio 9

Feature Pack 1, will be launched in the beginning of January of 2013! We wanted to let you know that Placeholder can be useful when working with Excel Spreasheet also!

The developers of Studio have equipped the tool with a possibility to work with Placeholders in your Datasets. A Placeholder allows you to hold values in user defined fields. This improves the flexibility of how you handle data within your simulation immensely.

Connect Spreadsheet using XLData function with Placeholders

When your model is connected to Spreadsheets, you typically receive new Excel files ever so often. Such files often have an index number or even the data included in their file name to distinguish it from the previous file, but if your model is connected to a certain name, this can be a hassle.

Now with the new Placeholder feature, it is made easy. Check out the video that illustrates the new Placeholder's feature!

Do you sometimes wish you could connect to a complete different Spreasheet workbook in a hurry?

Now you can, and the description given for Placeholders for Databases covers Spreadsheets as well.

This feature will apply to:

  • Studio Premium licenses
  • Studio Expert licenses
  • Studio Professional licenses
  • Studio Executive licenses
  • Studio Cockpit licenses

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