Placeholders - connect to Database Datasets

Placeholders will ease your data handling in Powersim Studio 9.

New Feature Pack of Powersim Studio 9

In the upcoming Feature Pack 1, many new great features will be introduced!
We hope you will be as exited as we are to hear more about the Placeholder feature of Powersim Studio 9!

The developers of Studio  have equipped the tool with a possibility to work with Placeholders in your Datasets. A Placeholder allows you to hold values in user defined fields. This improves the flexibility of how you handle data within your simulation immensely. 

How to use Placeholders to connect to Database Datasets

When managing models connected to Databases, you typically have a test database and a real-time database to work with. Eventually you need to switch from the one to the other, and it is quite tedious to update all your datasets manually.

Now with the new Placeholder feature, you can define a Placeholder which keeps the name and location for your Database in one location. Placeholders are set up and defined in a new section of the Project Settings window. It is very easy to update the link to your database location of choice and it is done in a split of a second.

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But what if you need to connect your model to different types of databases?

Not a problem, just define a Placeholder for each database. In addition, you need to define another Placeholder which is a switch that allows you to select which connection to use for your Database Datasets. This switch is also accessed inside the Placeholder section of Project Settings window/dialog.

During our latest client project, we needed to set up the model’s Database Datasets with both an Access database and a SQL-server database.

And it gets even better; Not only is the modeller able to switch between different database locations inside the Project Window!

The modeller may also give access to some of the Placeholders to the end user through the Simulation Setup Window. The Switch shows a list of all available databases to the user. When the user selects one of them, the placeholder looks up the correct database, connects to those data and will work efficiently and satisfactory to run the simulation.

This feature will apply to:

  • Studio Premium licenses
  • Studio Executive licenses

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