Now launched: Auto-save and Recovery

Have you experienced to loose your work while modeling in Powersim Studio? Problem solved!

New Improvement in next Feature Pack Release

Perhaps you have had problems earlier with Powersim Studio crashing, hanging or that Windows suddenly restarts due to critical updates? And this typically happens while you have just developed a new and intriguing part of your model? You might have lost hours of work and wasted time to reestablish your previous work?

Now the Powersim Team has made great efforts to prevent this from happening again!

This improvement will be available to all Studio 9 users!

Not a Studio 9 user? Read about our Upgrade Campaign!

Auto-save a model

You will be able to Auto-save a model, that is; set up Powersim Studio 9 to save your model on regular intervals. The new Auto-save can be set up through the "Tools" menu, choose menu item "Options" and find it under the tab called "Project";

  • Allows you to activate Auto-save 
  • Allows you to set how often Studio should perform the Auto-save.

Autosaving your model will ensure that Studio remembers to save your models when you are too busy to do so.

Restore a model if Studio or Windows crash

If your Studio model crash, hangs or Windows restarts due to critical updates, you have previously been dependent on opening the latest model version that you saved yourself.

Now Studio has to remedies to assist you with this:

  • We assume now that you have activated the Auto-save above to get full benefit with a restore
  • When either Studio crash, hangs or Windows restarts, you may automatically* get a restart of the Studio tool
  • Then the Task Assistant window opens on your right hand side, displaying all the recovery information

* If you are using Windows Vista, 7 or 8 this will occur while in Windows XP a dialog will tell you that a project has been recovered. 

For the recovery of files, you will then be presented with three versions of a model:

  1. The first file is the one that was recovered upon when Studio crashed
  2. The second file is the one that was last Auto-saved
  3. The third file is the one you saved yourself.

You can have a look at any of the versions from this list, compare them to decide which is the better to continue your work from.

The files will be present and can be found again in the Task Assistant until you actually decide what to do with them. Also, if you have to hurry home one day and forget to save your Studio model first, this model will be saved with a recovered version once you open Studio again.

We think that this will be a great benefit to all of our users and give relief to those working with large models or hectic project deadlines.

The improvement applies to the following products:

  • Studio 9 Premium
  • Studio 9 Enterprise
  • Studio 9 Expert
  • Studio 9 Professional
  • Studio 9 Express
  • Studio 9 Academic (Single-user, Bundle and PC-pack)

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