New Project Wizard - new window added

Now easy access to turn on or off time unit consistency!

New Project Wizard is updated

When you start a new Project in Studio, the New Project Wizard now has an additional window. The new window presents you with the possibility to choose if you want to use time unit consistency or not for your current Project.

  • Studio now allows the user to set the preferred value for the "Enforce time unit consistency" setting in the New Project wizard.
  • You may also define your setting as a default for all new projects.
  • This possibility was previously found under Project Settings; Time Management tab, where you may still find it.

The Powersim team highly recommends using time unit consistency within your models, since it adds quality assurance as well as serve as documentation for your models.

Still, we appreciate the fact that new users who follows workbook examples that are not using units, might struggle to get started using Studio.


  • For our Studio Demo and Studio Academic licenses this setting is by default turned off.
  • For all other Studio modeling tools, this setting is by default turned on.

Once you get familiar with modeling itself, try turning on time unit consistency to see how well Studio support you while building your model. If you get your units wrong, Studio will now give more informative error messages that will lead you quicker to what might be the problem with your model. 

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