Modeling and End-user tools: Introducing a new Feature Pack

Download the latest Studio 9 Studio with Feature Pack 3 and Service Release 8!


List of new features in Studio 9 Feature Pack 3

The below short list shows the most exciting new features of Feature Pack 3:

  • NEW: Random Variables allow you to add stochasticity in start-up variables.
  • NEW: Access your model through a Presentation Sidekick window using scripts.
  • NEW: Configure the simulation horizon through Excel/Database using a numerical range.
  • NEW: The Show Dialog action shows a modal dialog displaying HTML-based content.

To read more about the above features as well as bug fixes, see the full list in Version history.

* The new features are available to Studio 9 users who have a valid SUA. Bug fixes are available to all users of Studio 9.


Oil Production Simulation Sample

Be sure to download your new software today, we have prepared a new model sample for you!

The sample illustrates how you can work with the new Random Variables to include stochasticity in your model. Below is a screen shot of this sample model:

Try first, buy afterwards? The Studio 9 Demo will install side-by-side with your current Studio version.


Download to try the new features

Current SUA user, please download here:

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