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Studio 8 Cockpit, for end-users running scenarios on ready made models.

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Studio 8 Cockpit - for the business end-user

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With the release of Studio 8, we have added another product to our group of modeling tools, Studio 8 Cockpit. This version of our software is designed for distributing ready-made models from Studio 8 Enterprise to end-users. 

This is an ideal solution for the decision makers and management, on-site operations, or even project partners and customers, to play different scenarios of the simulation and enables widespread distribution and utilization of the simulation model within your organization.

Studio 8 Cockpit is the low-cost alternative to Studio 8 Executive:

  • Allows you to redistribute your models to end-users
  • No limitations on model size
  • Safely share your password protected models

We have also made a comparison table for the Studio 8 Cockpit features towards our Studio 8 Executive.

To get a feel for our end-user tools, download the Studio 8 Demo, open any sample model from within the Help system and hit F5. The user interface is simpler and allows you to focus on running and interacting with the model.

If you want further information please find your reseller or contact us directly.


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