Feature Pack 2 is now launched!

Ease your model testing and increase the simulation speed with our new exciting features!

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About Feature Pack 2

We would like to draw your attention to the most interesting new features for our Studio 8 modeling tools.

  • Increase simulation speed for your simulation
  • Improve the analysis of models during model development

To read about more features and improvements of Feature Pack 2, please look at the Version History.

If you have a valid SUA, download the latest Feature Pack 2 and investigate the new software.

Multi-core processing

You can speed up your simulations by utilizing more than one of the cores in the processor of your computer. Depending on the product edition you hold, you may utilize 2, 3 or 4 cores. The table shows how many cores each edition will let you utilize:

Modeling tools

Number of cores

End User tools

Number of cores

Studio 8 Enterprise 4 Studio 8 Executive 4
Studio 8 Expert 3 Studio 8 Cockpit 2
Studio 8 Professional  2


Running a simulation with 2 cores on a personal computer

We simulated a medium-sized arrayed model with 500 variables and about 20 000 elements. The output from the simulation is also arrayed and we ran the simulation as a Presentation during our test. Looking at an output page, which was updated each timestep, gave an increase in simulation speed of about 10%. When the same simulation was run while viewing a static page, an increase in simulation speed of about 30% was observed. 

How much the simulation speed will improve for your model, depends on the number of variables, calculations and the extent of the user interface. The more calculations your model have relative to the number of variables in the user interface, the more favourable multi-core processing could be for your model.

Improved analysis of model

Two buttons in the View menu have new names and the next three buttons are new. They open dockable windows, allowing you to look at values and trace dependencies in a more efficient way:

  • Both the Precedents List and the Dependents List display information about the dependencies between variables of your model.
  • The Value Inspector lets you view, analyze and edit the values of the selected variable.

When analyzing the structure of the model you can use the new windows to navigate between dependent variables. All precedents and dependents of a selected variable will be listed in their respective windows. Selecting a new variable in the list, will make the Value Inspector update to this variable. Finding an incorrect value in your model is now made easy. The value inspector is in particular useful when working with multi-dimensional variables.

Do you not have a SUA? Contact us or a Reseller in your region for a non-binding upgrade offer.

We welcome you to try the new features by downloading a Studio 8 Demo.

Please remember to make a copy of your model first, in case you save the model in the Demo trial edtion, which will lock your model at the end of the trial period.

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