Developer Suite: Download the new Feature Pack 3

Introducing Studio 9 Developer Suite with Feature Pack 3 and Service Release 5!

List of bug fixes in Studio 9 Developer Suite Feature Pack 3

The below list shows a new feature for Studio 9 SDK, which is available to all users with a valid SUA.

  • Introduced the Simulation::Parameters property giving access to the named parameters of the simulation. These parameters are defined in Powersim Studio for the component in which the simulation is contained.) The property returns a NamedValues collection.

For both Studio SDK and Simulation Engine, the new Feature Pack support models created with Powersim Studio 9.

There are also a few bug fixes related to the latest Feature Pack: 

  • Bug fixed related to the SAMPLEIMM and INITIF functions
  • Bug fixed related to language when using XLDATA function
  • Bug fixed related to Exponential distribution of assumptions

For a full description of the problems and the bug fixes, read more in the Version history for Studio SDK and the Version history for Studio Simulation Engine.


Download the latest Service Release

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