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Upcoming features with Powersim Studio 8 products in January of 2010!

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New features in Feature Pack 2

In relation to the annual renewal of most client's Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA), we provided a little news flash on upcoming feature for the next Feature Pack release of Powersim Studio 8.

  • Powersim Studio 8 will be able to utilize multi-core computing in calculations to achieve faster simulations! *
  • Tracing of dependencies between variables
  • Improved viewing of multidimensional variables

* The benefit of the mulit-core computing will vary for the different product editions. More information on this will be available later.

We hope this will be of general interest to all our Studio users, if you want to upgrade, contact us or your nearest reseller.

Features in previous Feature Packs

These are some of the features we have released during 2009:

  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Show Presentations with our Powersim Studio 8 Demo
  • Collaboration in teams: Who-updated-which-variable
  • Start-up Variables
  • Series Variables
  • Conditional Actions
  • Transfer of 3-dimensional variables with XLS-function

Download the News letter in PDF version.

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