Campaign: Upgrade to Powersim Studio 9

Wipe the dust off that good ole Powersim product and upgrade to Studio 9 with Feature Pack 2!

Upgrade campaign during May and June 2013

We guess that the new Auto-save and Recovery improvement* will be of great value, and therefore introduce a campaign directed towards all users of older Powersim Modeling Tools!

Read more about other new functionality of Feature Pack 2. 


This campaign has now come to an end


Qualify your license for regular upgrade

Find the following information to qualify your current license for an upgrade and fill in the Upgrade Now form :

  1. Upgrade your Powersim product to Studio 9 versionThe version of Studio you have (Studio 8, 7)
  2. The license number of the current license(s)
  3. The company name this license was issued to

We will then confirm the ownership of the license and send you the corresponding campaign price. If you purchased the license from any of our Resellers, they will be able to assist you with the above.

* For Academic users, you will need to upgrade to Studio 9 to get access to the improvement. You will not need to purchase the Feature Pack 2 Add-on to get access to the Auto-save and Recovery.

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