Oil Producer & Refinery, Europe

This major global oil producer and refinery required a tool to allow them to find the correct balance between investments, market requirements and composition and availability of raw materials. Powersim developed a simulation model that gives a better overview of the customer's value chain. The model also allows running scenarios to compare various market and production alternatives.

The modelling team designed the logical parts of the system as Components. Components are used to describe a specific part of the production line or technology for dealing with the gas. Components are extra useful when you want to re-organize the model, for example on how gas is distributed; either through gasoline stations or directly to private households.

The team can now efficiently test, validate and define operational scenarios for various structures. In this way it is possible to compare production and financial key parameters of various scenarios. 

Also, it is possible to run parallel scenarios, where each scenario use a different marketing component. The team can thus compare scenarios which analyze short or long-term benefits and see if there are drawbacks associated with the various solutions.

Keywords about the solution

This project was developed using Powersim Studio Enterprise and is an integrated solution with the customer's database systems. The user group in the company uses Powersim Studio Executive to assist with performing risk analyses and creating their reports.  

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Scenario analysis & simulation  Model is built using Components Extensive use of Arrays Connects to MS Excel Studio Enterprise & Executive
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