Powersim Studio 10 Premium

Premium is the full-featured edition of Studio.

The Premium edition is directed towards customers working with very large models with high demand for simulation speed.

Simulation within Oil & Gas

One of our clients within Oil & Gas utilizes the full strength of Studio Premium.

The simulation allows the client to perform advanced analyses to obtain more precise predictions of yearly production volumes for selected oil and gas fields.
Planned data is loaded into the model, creating a base scenario. The users can then run risk analyses to uncover how uncertainties may impact their plans.

Studio Premium features used in this project

  • High volume of input data, some variables holds up to 5 million values each
  • Placeholders enable connection to alternative databases
    • MS Access to support a safe testing environment
    • MS SQL Server for the production solution
  • Sidekick windows integrate information from the client's own systems

Experiences from the client

The client now has an integrated solution where data is stream-lined and collected into databases. This data can be transferred into the simulation upon need.

Earlier, this process was very time-consuming, something which meant that the analysis was perfomed only once a year. 

Now with the simulation model, this analysis is available at any time, and can therfore be incorporated in the monthly revision of planned data.


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