Powersim Studio 10 Expert

Expert is our most popular Studio version and is very well suited for stand-alone consultants and analysts.

This edition includes all the necessary features to create excellent simulation models:

  • Build your simulations quickly using Stock-and-flow modelling
  • Put together a Presentation in an easy way using Drag-and-drop of objects
  • Run Risk Analysis (Monte-Carlo simulation), Optimization or Risk Management

Simulation with Expert

Our clients using Expert utilize this tool within many different areas, for example within; finance, housing, technology, software development, water management and energy.

One of our clients uses the full strength of Studio Expert within Human Resources.

The simulation allows the client to see how training and experience of staff influence internal factors of the company, as well as how employee performance influences overall revenue.

Initial data for the company and their plans in regards to for example expanding are entered into the model, creating a base scenario. The user, together with the consultant, can then run analyses and test different policies to uncover the benefit of suggested training programmes.

Studio Expert features used in this project

  • Multiple diagrams for presentation of each model topic in an organized manner
  • Arrayed model to handle several types of staff groups, suggested policies and different cost factors 
  • The end-user is able to input values for the whole time horizon thanks to Series Variables. This makes it easy to build a 5 year plan for the company
  • The Presentation shows the client a well-organized and pedagogic approach to applying policies
  • The consultant's advice after finalizing the analysis generates a report using a connection to Excel Spreadsheets

Experiences from the modeller

The modeller now has a flexible model solution which allows the modeller to easily reconfigure the model according to the client's relevant data.

The process, which is now model-driven, was previously based on drawing on white-boards and taking notes. The client's understanding of the relations and feedbacks involved was characterized as vague.

Now with the simulation model, the relations can be explained and better understood. Also analyses comparing all suggested policies can be tested thoroughly and compared towards each other on cost or other key indicators.



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